#ConsciousProgramming during #AFM2014

Beach Dancer Films & The Brookturn Co. curate a #TweetUp on #ConsciousProgramming during #AFM2014

WHO: All @AFMOfficial Badgeholders & Press

WHEN: Monday, November 10, 2014

WHAT: A Day of #SelfCare & #Sustainability

8AM-9AM Breakfast Teas & Creative Chakra Balancing
9AM-10AM Yoga For Health Defense
10AM-NOON Business of Disease screening Q&A following
NOON-2PM Gourmet Tapas in Creative Chakra Tea Room
2PM-4:19PM Green Means Go! On Sustainable Filmmaking Celebrity Solutions for Greener Living
4:20 PM Jack Herer’s Emperor Wears No Clothes doc & #HempCanSaveThePlanet #TweetUp
5PM-7PM Open Conversation on #ConsciousProgramming with special guests
7PM-9PM Networking Mixer & #TweetUp

WHERE: Creative Chakra Spa
3401 Pacific Avenue
First Floor (enter Tea Room on porch overlooking the ocean)
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
(just south of Venice Fishing Pier)

WHY: Creative Chakra Spa recognizes the important role played by the Buyers & Sellers of Content Worldwide and offers a sustainable environment for self-care with discounts of up to 40% OFF on services and select Tea Room Items to All @AFMOfficial Badgeholders during the entire American Film Market (November 5-13 please mention that you are an AFM Badgeholder when scheduling your appointment or couples massage throughout the week.)

In an effort to promote more #ConsciousProgramming those with social media accounts will be encouraged with spa promotions @creativechakraspa throughout the week to commend the conscious programming they screen with the eponymous hashtag #ConsciousProgramming to help create a “buzz” for sustainability.

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Meditation, Creativity and Peace.

meditation creativity and peaceIn the Twenty Minute Q & A video following the documentary, Russel Brand, congratulates producer, Bobby Roth, saying, “You’ve managed to make a David Lynch film that I could actually understand!”  While David Lynch did not direct this film, and there are none of the stunning visuals we have come to expect from Lynch’s films, music, OR paintings… there are some stunning epiphanies coming “Straight From The Horse’s Mouth” if you will, and Lynch himself notes that at the beginning of the lecture tour, most of the questions presented by the filmmaking students were about filmmaking and towards the end of the tour, most of the questions were about the process of Transcendental Meditation itself, or his interesting concept of #InvincibleUniversity.

If you are an aspiring artist or filmmaker (and why on earth shouldn’t or wouldn’t you be?) then there are some interesting ideas to try on for size here about creativity and the understanding of suffering versus the actual splashing around in the fountain of it… and hey, what a great excuse to bring back eating unhealthy #Right2GMOProducts including processed sugar as long as they are properly labeled!


It is because of David Lynch that I incorporate a dwarf or actor with some kind of attribute that had once been considered a “handicap” in every film that I direct.  It is because of my own artistic mother’s various experimentations with meditation for maximum benefits with minimal efforts since I was in her womb, that I first learned of TM, and because of this documentary, that I am able to remember as always having been true: #IfAtFirstYouDontSucceedTryTryAgain! Because #PracticeMakesPermanent.

For our own quick version of focused meditation in 2-minutes or less, downloadable for FREE to your iphone, Sony PSP, or other hi-tech handheld device, please visit: http://www.youtube.com/BalinYoga

For more information about Transcendental Meditation, please visit: http://www.tm.org and For more information about how you can be a part of the important work that The David Lynch Foundation is doing all around the globe, please visit: http://www.DavidLynchFoundation.org

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Fran Bascom Rest In Peace

Rest In Peace to a beautiful angel amongst the devils of Hollywood… casting director and dear family friend, Fran Bascom. Fran helped to discover and nurture so much bright talent in this town and her own bright light will be missed by the many lives she touched. Please honor her memory by offering an opportunity to someone to share a talent.

We will all live more joyous lives if we share our talents with each other while we journey this earth.        6.3.2013



Special Thanks to Janet Di Lauro for sharing these lovely Fran Bascom tributes through Days of Our Lives, and an exceptionally lovely personal anecdote for us all to remember her by 😉    http://daysofourlives.about.com/b/2013/06/03/former-days-casting-director-fran-bascom-dead.htm?r=9F

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#PhytoremediateFUKUSHIMA Live From @CineGearExpo!

In it’s 17th year, CineGear Expo remains the ultimate integration of Sound, Picture, Post Production, and Sustainable Technologies displayed on one backlot!

Filmmaking siblings Brandon & Melissa Balin want you to say #PhytoremediateFUKUSHIMA 3 times fast Live From @CineGearExpo!

On our way into the 2012 show I met Martin of HD Sound and Picture.  He aspires to be the “Crazy Gideon” of scanning and archiving your independent film library “IN 4k FOR 5k” per feature- almost 12k LESS than industry standard?!?!  Ask about his even crazier breaks at $12k for 3 features or more and $15k if you bring in 5 features or more!

At the Cine Gear VIP Reception I ran into my Sundance buddy from the East Coast, Jendra Jarnagin, a talented cinematographer, who had shown F65 footage from one of her latest projects earlier in the day.  I was both proud and disappointed to find out that she and Nancy Schreiber were among the only women to speak that day and cannot help but Soapbox briefly- Where are the Women at?  It is not only a challenge to get hired for the gig in the first place but then it is also a challenge to be selected to speak about the work publicly.  Someday in my lifetime, I hope to see more women working as professional technicians than as pretty models to drive booth traffic.

Vilmos awarded CineGear Lifetime Achievement Award for Cinematography

The Cine Gear Expo 2012 Cinematography Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC, in recognition of the significant contributions he has made to advancing the art of Cinematography; and Bob Nettman was honored with the Cine Gear Expo Technical Lifetime Achievement Award for developing some of the world’s most advanced camera support equipment.  I feel so lucky to have worked with some of the greatest minds in our business already and my career will forever be changed in the moment that my friend and mentor, Laszlo Kovacs, ASC agreed to come out of retirement while battling cancer, to support my vision as a young director.  Thanks to the generosity of his lifelong friend, Vilmos, and the industry support of Technicolor, Deluxe, Kodak and countless craftsmen, we will be able to show Laszlo’s last work on both film & DCP to cinephiles around the globe.

While his memory lives on in every sunset and lens flare I see, I am glad to further honor his legacy with a Public Service Announcement that continues to give inspiration to millions worldwide annually and hope that the industry will see fit to honor Laszlo Kovacs, ASC with a posthumous CLIO for the piece.

It was impossible for me not to think of filming a movie at the Expo, with all that gorgeous equipment around, and the New York Street backlot all to ourselves and we discussed what better way to showcase the emerging technologies than to engage the “second screen” phenomenon Live from the show… The Brookturn Co. attaches a non-profit initiative to every project, and with much of our industry manufacturing based in Japan and the weekend kick-off to Hemp History Week, it was an easy fit to pick the cause for the impromptu transmedia mini-mini movie from CineGearExpo… #PhytoremediateFUKUSHIMA.

While manufacturers announce “Tape is Back” and Sony is “Rewarding Recording”, the crisis at Fukushima remains unresolved. Japanese Ambassadors describes the situation as “stable, but hanging from the ledge by our fingernails by the second.”  A lot of people don’t know that Industrial Hemp (which has no psychotropic qualities) has been used for over 20 years successfully to phytoremediate the nuclear damage of Chernobyl.  We shouldn’t have to wait for Kevin Costner to visit Congress with some Waterworld invention for this one, when the answer is right in front of us as clearly as the gulf shrimp with tumors being found for sale  in supermarkets.

Day Two

was a flurry of excitement and we certainly couldn’t be everywhere at once!  There were lots of great seminars and speakers to see!  For those of us that missed Attorney Wendy Pizarro Campbell’s valuable seminar on the “Independent Filmmaker Legal Kit” including agreements on Confidentiality, Acquisitions, and Performance Releases; because we were jammed into the ASC panel happening next door- we can find out more at www.PizarroCampbell.com

In Celebration of Paramount’s 100th Birthday they filled the water tank!

Zipping across the lot, I met Dawn Hope Stevens of ClickersandFlickers.comwho said, “You looked like you knew where you were going so I decided to follow you”- oh, yeah, well, I do know my way around the Paramount lot since growing up- I would often visit my dad on set, my brother worked on the lot for three years on the Dr. Phil Show, and the premiere of my directorial debut, FreezerBurn The Movie was held in the Big Paramount Theatre… so it was pretty awesome to be at CineGear on the weekend celebrating Paramount’s 100th Anniversary!  We talked about what I’m working on now, how important stills photography is to a fully encompassing Transmedia campaign, and my current fascination with Instagram.  Dawn invited me to the July Clickers & Flickers Photography Networking Dinner with Greg Dyro, Director of the Warner Bros. Photo Lab, where they discussed the topic, “Camera Phone Photography: Shaking up the Photo World”.

The ASC panel to Share Experiences & Expertise, was led by Chairman of the ASC Education and Public Outreach Committee, George Spiro-Dibie, ASC and he provided many rollicking laughs to the packed house, with people sitting in the aisles along the steps and on the floor.  An impressive group of cinematographers responsible for advancing the art of filmmaking included Dion Beebe, ASC, ACS; Stephen Burum, ASC; Patrick Cady, ASC; James L Carter, ASC; Michael Goi, ASC; Karl Walter Lindenlaub, ASC; Donald A. Morgan, ASC; Dave Perkal, ASC; Roberto Schaefer, ASC; Dante Spinotti, ASC, AIC; and the inimitable Haskell Wexler, ASC.  I was glad to hear them all agree that the new technologies are ultimately just added elements to the most important part of telling the story.  George is “Bringing Sexxy Back” and he wants to be sure that everyone knows that for just $100 bucks anyone can become Friends of ASC and membership certainly has its privileges- including exclusive access to online content, a digital subscription to American Cinematographer, and an annual event at the actual ASC clubhouse, which is in itself worth $100! (All monies will facilitate the development of educational projects presented by the ASC.)

Richard Crudo, ASC & David Mahlmann, SOC want you to #PhytoremediateFUKUSHIMA @cinegearexpo!

I ran into the former ASC president, Richard Crudo, ASC on New York Street and while we caught up, I asked him if he would like to participate in the impromptu social action campaign to #PhytoremediateFUKUSHIMA.  He was ready to jump right in, but David Mahlmann was concerned about being associated with a “Protest” – little did he know how much I have learned this year about what constitutes a “protest” versus an awareness campaign or making an artistic statement.  Once I reminded him we were on private property and had permission to be there, and that this was not a protest, but an awareness campaign so that we could someday eat sushi again in this lifetime- he jumped in the pic.  We in the entertainment industry are in a unique position of privilege to influence many people with our art.  We must bear this in mind, when we make choices involving violence and stereotypes in our work, as well as when faced with the untold daily opportunities to shift the social paradigm towards justice, equality and positivity.

I met up with guys wearing intriguing contraptions who turned out to be Steve Schuneman of Rabbit Audio Video, Inc. and Dino Zaffina of Production Sound Services who were getting impressive GoPro footage on-the-go at the show.  Together we rounded the bend upon one of the most magnificent displays of technology in use at the back of the lot where AirKraftProds, & HoverKraft were giving live demos of their multiple camera remote-controlled flying systems!!!  Because filmmakers are some of the most gung-ho creative people on the planet, they literally zoomed in from above on the #PhytoremediateFUKUSHIMA sign during one of the demos and I can’t wait to see THAT footage!

Super 8mm RhondaCam demonstrated at Cinegear!

The RhondaCam made its debut breathing new life into Super8mm, as a creative expression!

And so goes the Transmedia Tweet heard round the world:

It is our obligation and responsibility to use our privilege and technology for social action. #PhytoremediateFUKUSHIMA for @hemphistoryweek @stayoccupied @cinegearexpo

The Medium IS The Message.  We hope that you too will feel inspired to integrate technologies and social media into your work for both marketing purposes and effective social action striving towards a more sustainable future!

Cinegear Expo 2013 is May 31 & June 1 at the Paramount Backlot!

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FreezerBurn The Movie Now Available for your viewing pleasure!

BREAKING NEWS: Thanks to a strategic partnership with ANONYMOUS to #EndWorldHunger; FreezerBurn The Movie is Now Viewable FOR FREE on YouTube: http://youtu.be/5v7fBbIC0LU

Happy New Year to You & Yours! For Kwanzaa 2012 and in celebration of Cooperative Economics (#Ujamaa)- we gift you this 100 minutes of Rated R (Parental Discretion Is Advised) fingerlicking good cult classic (written by Rogan Russell Marshall) entertainment.

If you enjoy the ride, please “Pay It Forward” by sharing with friends & family who could use 100 minutes of good old fashioned entertainment where (SPOILER ALERT) aliens come and take everybody away at the end (unlike real life LOL) and please consider making a donation of $1 or more to the Team Balin4Mayor NoKidHungry.org fundraising page here: http://join.strength.org/site/TR/Events/DD-IndieRaiser?pg=team&fr_id=1220&team_id=124051

FreezerBurn The Movie is a contemporary Hamlet that takes place on the set of a TV reunion with a quadruple homicide and an alien-worshipping cult. The dark comedy stars internationally recognizable faces such as Rachel Hunter (supermodel), Edoardo Ballerini (Romeo Must Die), David Faustino (“Married With Children”), Rochelle Balin (The Golden Answer), Robert Hays (Airplane!), Hal Linden (“Barney Miller”), Dick Van Patten (“Eight is Enough”), Ted Raimi (“Xena Warrior Princess”), Rena Owen (Once Were Warriors), Joel Michaely (Rules of Attraction) and Melody Thomas Scott (The Young & The Restless). It is also the feature debut of rockstar Bobby Alt and includes a fun voice cameo of radio DJ Jim Ladd.

All Digital, FreezerBurn The Movie has been the catalyst for many entertainment, philanthropic and technology firsts, all for a shocking $450,000 (US); the first to use NASA‘s HD zooms, the first to workflow Viper FilmStream footage with HD, donating 100% of the proceeds of the Indie Soundtrack to restoring the hurricane stricken City of New Orleans and in following their Cannes eBay model, when offering the movie’s International rights online, buyers were encouraged to bid generously, as 10% of each territory sale was being donated to Washington D.C. based organization, Wider Opportunities For Women. FreezerBurn The Movie held its premiere at the legendary Paramount Studios Theatre in December 2005 and had a brief theatrical release courtesy of the Laemmle Theatres to qualify for Academy Award Consideration for Best Original Song, “Closer Every Day” written by Richard Balin & Dick Behrke. The iconic artist Shepard Fairey designed the logo for the alien-worshipping cult, “Children Of Earth” and donated the original artwork for a Limited Edition fundraising line of t-shirts and stickers.

Thanks for your continued support! Please follow our adventures in Independent Filmmaking into 2013 via twitter @WannaBuyMyMovie and https://wannabuymymovie.wordpress.com Together we can cry & laugh through the challenges ahead and End World Hunger (#WFD2013) while we’re at it! Stay Tuned for CHILDREN OF EARTH: In 2-D! coming soon to Theatres Near YOU!

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AFM Mixer Nov1: Booze & Breakfast!

That’s right, the Times They Are A Changing… and you can’t mention “Booze & Breakfast” without encouraging people to please walk across the street responsibly, Please LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE YOU CROSS THAT BUSY STREET, and Please, as tempting as it may be… DO NOT Jay-Walk from Chez Jay’s!

That and customary DISCLAIMERS understood- If you have a BUYER or PRESS Badge from the 2012 American Film Market, Please Join Us at the recently declared Historic Landmark restaurant Chez Jay across from the Loews Hotel for some complimentary “Hair of the Halloween Dog” cocktails and breakfast from 8AM-10AM on the second morning of AFM!


WHAT:     Breakfast and cocktails while Second Screening To End World Hunger. Filmmaker & CEO of The Brookturn Co., Melissa Balin (best known for @WannaBuyMyMovie) and Producer/Actor at Mission Park Film, Douglas Spain, are debuting their newly formed strategic partnership. Working together to glorify ‘vegetables instead of violence’ on a global scale, Spain and Balin are participants in the second screen movement, which gives moviegoers a chance to social media it up while being entertained. Catering to the international crowd of BUYERS and MEDIA returning for the annual American Film Market, the informal discussion will be simultaneously reaching out to the International social media world via #ReportBack on @Twitter.

WHY:      The Brookturn Co., well known for attaching non-profit initiatives to every project they take on, has decided to switch it up this time. Starting with a non-profit movement (Ending World Hunger) Balin and Spain have attached a commercial movie!  In recent testimony to the California Senate Congressional Committee Hearing on Sustainable Food, Filmmaker Melissa Balin acknowledged Hollywood’s collective responsibility and obligation to glorify ‘vegetables instead of violence’ in an effort to shine a spotlight on the need to prioritize the End of World Hunger. So come join them in discussing this growing trend developed by Oxfam America and The United Nations’ Food & Agriculture Organization. Celebrities from all over are weighing in. Vivica Fox lent her voice, when she and her cast mates at Mission Park Film sent a message that was read at the hearing. Turns out she loves broccoli and potatoes! We meet today to continue to encourage members of Congress and the rest of our global entertainment community to TWEET and RT:
“#EatMoreVegetables, #EndWorldHunger, #RightNow, #WFD2013, & @IAmVegetable.

You can watch the entire Senate Hearing here
(I Am Vegetable presentation is from 1:45-1:55)

Balin and Spain will show clips from their upcoming slates while guests will be encouraged to Instagram and Tweet pictures from the event, holding and eating their favorite vegetables.

Been wondering WHAT IS THE SECOND SCREEN PHENOMENON??? but were afraid to ask- it’s basically if you send a TWEET or Instagram about something you notice while watching your favorite TV show or a movie – I know, you’ve been doing that since A.D.D. became fashionable, but now it has a #Trendy Name.  Proceed, Governor…

And PLEASE Buy Movies Responsibly.

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@IAmVegetable makes it “Trendy” to #EndWorldHunger #RightNow with #WFD2013

SHOUT OUT to our Strategic Creative Vegetable Partners, for it truly is going to take all of us united in order to #EndWorldHunger #RightNow:

Dream Circus Theatre created the incredible Interactive Dance Party that inspired the inception of the social media campaign to accompany their last I Am Vegetable theatrical installation on October 8, 2011.

BirdsNest Foundation partnered with us to bring The #GroundUpCampaign to California, after impressive success installing 100 organic garden boxes and academic curriculum in New York City schools.

Oxfam America and The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization have the tools to #EndWorldHunger #RightNow #WFD2013.

Meatless Monday is a fun program to remind us that there are 52 chances a year to start the week off healthy!

Vivica A. Fox supports @IAmVegetable

Vivica A. Fox wants you to know that broccoli on a fluffy baked potato is one of her favorite simple vegetable recipes and her castmates of the upcoming film Mission Park make celery, okra, carrots, beets, and even onions nothing to cry about!  Reggae music legend, Pato Banton is a pescetarian (fish & vegetables only) and will be joining celebrity friends in re-tweeting recipes from #GROWMethod Chefs like Tanino Drago, Jeff Mahin, Francisco Machado, and USVI Culinary Ambassador (and Two-Time Iron Chef Winner!) Chef Theo Gumbs!  Unlike the popular “Sally Struthers model” of giving up a cup of coffee per week to help end world hunger, we encourage the pleasure principle of ending world hunger through every bite you treat yourself to delicious vegetables!

We celebrated World Food Day 2012 at the California Joint Informational Senate Committee Hearing on Sustainable Food hosted by Senator Noreen Evans, D-Santa RosaAssemblyman Mike Allen, D-Santa Rosa, and Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada, D-Davis, shared their favorite vegetables along with Senator Evans (zucchini, spinach & potato!) and you can find Assemblywoman Yamada’s Delicious & Healthy Oshitashi recipe on our @IAmVegetable Pinterest Board!

You can watch the entire Senate Hearing here (I Am Vegetable presentation is from 1:45-1:55):  http://sd02.senate.ca.gov/sustainable-food-wine-production


Thanks to Cathy Bussewitz for an informative article on the hearing in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat and her gracious mention of our campaign on page 3 here: http://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/20121015/ARTICLES/121019697

We carpooled back down the 5 FWY to Santa Monica, just in time for the #GROW Dinner Discussion at Stella Rossa, where celebrity Pizza Chef Jeff Mahin made us one of his own favorite vegetable dishes: Oven Roasted Beets and Fresh Ricotta!

#GROW Dinner at Stella Rossa

Mmmmm… Ending World Hunger never tasted so good!  Join Us and Make It “Trendy” to #EndWorldHunger #RightNow with #WFD2013 and @IAmVegetable!

We are utilizing the “second screen” buzz to #GlorifyVegetables!  So tweet us @IAmVegetable or facebook us @IAmVegetable with your favorite vegetable references, recipes and vegetable inspired pics!

Fernanda Romero of Mission Park
droppin mad #Beets

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